www.korannasional.com–D-ECO ENERGY Co., Ltd. and Global inotec Co., Ltd. are korea local company of construction, manufacture and sale of fuel cells and hydrogen generator plant facilities in the renewable energy sector in Korea.

With Local partner PT. Inotec Jaya Indonesia have completed all preparations to enter Indonesia. In order to reduce Indonesian greenhouse gas emissions such as batteries and electric motorcycles that use core hydrogen fuel for the Korean-type Green New Deal project in Indonesia, it has also completed the domestic sales process in cooperation with the private market.

CEO Yoo In-taek of D-ECO Energy Co., Ltd. and CEO Hwang In-ho of Global Inotec Co., Ltd. briefly introduced their plans to enter Indonesia and future business developments through interviews with local reporters in Jakarta.

The Indonesian-type Green New Deal project will reduce greenhouse gases using eco-friendly hydrogen energy and establish a joint venture to jointly invest electric motorcycle supply, assembly production, and charging facilities. Components will be supplied in South Korea and assembled and produced in South Korea as a method of OFF-SITE. The first project costs a total.of $26,000,000 and will be conducted from October 2021 through a preliminary project feasibility study.

In particular, the project is evaluated as a realistic result of establishing MOA by strategically.promoting effective investment securing measures based on close cooperation with Indonesian private businesses.

Hwang In-ho, CEO of Global inotec, said that the future prospects are bright to contribute to realizing carbon neutrality by expanding private participation projects to the core of the paradigm of the renewable energy industry due to carbon emission reduction. He said job creation is a
priority for the overall industry sector to respond to the COVID 19 PENDIC situation in Indonesia.

“We will do our best to create a clear and pleasant clean city through the supply of electric motorcycles, fuel electricity, and hydrogen generators, which are effective in reducing ultrafine dust and reducing greenhouse gases,” he said. (Tete S)