www.korannasional.com–Knax, CO, Ltd a bio company that manufactures and sells Korea’s rapid diagnosis kits and cancer early diagnosis kits, has completed all preparations for its entry into Indonesia with its local partner PT. Inotech Jaya Indonesia.

It also completed procedures for domestic sales for theestablishment of Korea’s kf94 mask production plant in Indonesia and distribution in the local private market.

Yoon Tae-hyun, CEO of Knax Co., Ltd., briefly introduced his plan to enter Indonesia and his future business development through a meeting with local reporters in Jakarta.

He said response to the current COVID 19 PENDEMIC situation is a priority.

Currently, the possibility of COVID19’s fourth PENDEMIC has increased and market demand for vaccines and treatments is expected to explode. Indonesia’s quarantine system is rapidly changing into a market for determining treatment and antibody production after vaccination, and demand for treatments, oxygen respirator protective clothing and sound facilities will increase significantly.

Knax will launch a COVID19-related antigen diagnostic KIT, KNAX – SMART SARS-CoV-2 Ag, and KNAX -SMART SARS –Cov-2lgM/Ig antibody detection KIT, which can be identified from vaccines to neutral antibodies, at competitive prices. Afterwards, COMBO KIT, which can test COVID19 and influenza at the same time, also announced that it will complete CE certification within the year.

In addition, in consultation with local partners, it is also important to recognize its role as a quarantine goods procurement company that supplies products necessary for the Indonesian government or the domestic market first.

Yoon Tae-hyun, CEO of Kmax Co., Ltd., told reporters at this press conference that he already has many high-quality Korean products to compete with China’s low-priced products and other competitors. He said he had financial and infrastructure to respond to market demands at any time and had a network of Korean partners and Indonesian local partners. It said there was no
problem responding to Indonesian quarantine demand.

Through this business trip, Knax will secure orders from public institutions and domestic markets and start supplying quarantine products to Indonesia in the first half of the year. It will establish aresearch institute later and transfer PCR-based early cancer diagnosis technologies. He said hewould make it an exemplary BIO Business case for both countries and create a desirable path to contributing to human development. (Siska)